Our Story

Nekhi is inspired by the women who knows she deserves the best✨ Nekhi started with an idea of providing and designing the best products which are unique and essential! It was launched in the month of August 2019 by sister-in-laws Neha and Dolly Khicha. We believe a woman should celebrate, travel, and live life to the fullest in jeweler that expresses her personality. From extravagant collections of fashion jewelries you’ll find something for every season, destination and mood. The main goal behind Nekhi is bringing excellence in designs as well as quality.

Nekhi stands out ❤ And as the brand name suggests, For every piece of jewelry you buy, we donate a part of it to charity. That's stands for our part in doing nekhi (good deeds). Its like treating yourself by also giving back to the community.

Nekhi is a homegrown brand which is owned and operated by women. By this, we stand for women empowerment and try to redefine #Bosswomen. Our jewelry is designed to be worn anywhere, everywhere and anytime of the day, whether you're on the beach, in the pool, deep asleep making dreams or wide awake in the glitz of this world, Nekhi does not lose its charm or jingle!

  • Neha Khicha

    Graduated from, bangalore with a Bachelors in Business Management degree. Having worked with Ernst & Young for three & half years, passion took over profession that's when I decided to quit my job to follow my heart. And then Nekhi happened. I was always passionate about starting my own brand, but they say, when the time's right, it's right. Today Nekhi has over 50k loyal followers and we are growing every single day!

  • Dolly Khicha

    Loves experimenting and lives life bold and bright. I'm an avid Foodie. Always ready for new adventure and I love to travel. Fashion staples styled with iconic pieces And Statement accessories is my passion. Having studied Fashion and worked within the fashion industry. I believe the ultimate style is achieved through mix and match mainstream and high fashion. As a girl I should be able to be what I want to be and Fashion gives me that power and with Nekhi that's my ultimate Goal.